Estructura para desarrollar un correcto «speaking»

Nivel Intermedio – Alto

1.      Dividir el monòleg abans de començar ·         In my speech/monologue I will focus on three/four major issues

·         There are two points to be made here

·         I have divided my presentation/monologue in three parts

2.      Cridar l’atenció del públic/examinador

(preguntes retòriques, fets interessants, histories, cites, etc.)

·         According to an article

·         According to scientists

·         I read recently an article in which

·         I would like to share an amazing fact with you

·         Let me tell you what happened to me

·         Let’s pretend/let’s imagine that


3.      Introduir un punt ·         First of all, I would like to point out that

·         The main problem is

·         The main reason why

4.      Enumerar punts ·         First of all, I would like to say

·         In addition to that

·         Moreover

·         Furthermore

·         Besides

5.      Canviar al següent punt ·         This leads directly to my next point

·         This brings us to the next question

·         Let’s now move on to

·         After examining this point, let’s turn to

·         Now, let’s take a look at

6.      Tornar enrere per a dir alguna cosa que s’ha dit abans ·         As I havesaid/mentionedearlier

·         Let me come back to what I have said before

·         As I have already explained

7.      Reforçar un punt ·         As everyoneknows

·         It is generallyacceptedthat

·         It is a factthat

·         Nobodywilldenythat

·         Everyoneknowsthat

8.      Donar la nostra opinió de manera impersonal ·         I think

·         I feelthat

·         As far as I am concerned

·         Frommypoint of view

·         Personally I thinkthat


9.      Donar la nostra opinió de manera més intensa ·         I am absolutely convinced about that fact that

·         I am sure that

·         I strongly believe that

·         I have no doubt that

10.  Expressar incertesa ·         I definitely doubt if (that)…

·         I am not sure that

·         As far as I know

11.  Donar motius I raons ·         The reasons for this is that

·         I base my argument on

·         I tell you this because

12.  Per a donar aclariments ·         What I mean to say was

·         Let me put this another way

·         Perhaps I am not making myself clear

·         The basic idea is

13.  Indicar el final del discurs ·         I am now approaching the end of my presentation

·         Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation

·         As a final point, I would like to say

·         Finally, I would like to highlight one key issue

14.  Conclusions ·         The obvious conclusion is that

·         Last but not least

·         The only possible solution/conclusion is

·         In conclusion we can say that

·         To cut a long story short,

·         Just to give you the main points again